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Since 1984, Midwest Freeze-Dry, Ltd. has been the industry leader using vacuum freeze-drying, freeze drying, vacuum thermal drying and other highly specialized methods of treatment for restoration and conservation of books, documents, files and other types of damaged materials. Our vacuum chamber can perform specialized drying including, vacuum freeze drying, freeze-drying, thermal drying, cryogenic drying and plasma fumigation solutions. We focus on both non-chemical methods of the vacuum freeze-drying process and our proprietary low cost, yet effective plasma vacuum chamber technology for drying wet materials, mold remediation, pest infestations, and odor removal.  Our vacuum freeze drying experience has enabled us to develop advanced cost-effective concepts which can be applied to your conservation and restoration needs. From schools to commercial buildings, our vacuum freeze drying and freeze drying services can handle your: water, fire, mold, or smoke damaged books, vellum books, textiles, wooden objects, documents, vellum documents, paper documents, artwork, memorabilia, photographs, comic books, CDs, DVDs, drugs and food to name a few.

We also have wide range of experience in freeze drying foods.

We review some of the best places to order freeze dried foods so that you are well prepared for any emergencies or survival situations. Freeze drying food really is the best way to preserve food as far as keeping all of the nutrients and taste in tact as close to possible to the original. It really is the breakthrough technology of food preservation of the future.

We also review some of the best DIY freeze dryer on the market today. Even 5 years ago freeze dryers were some of the biggest and expensive machines that only corporations could afford. Now with the advancement of technology, there has been great freeze drying machines that a family can purchase coming onto the scene. Now one can freeze dry their own foods any time. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

We’ve all seen vacuum seal and other food preservation tricks, but just wait and till you try freeze drying your foods. You will simply be amazed at how your most favorite foods can be stored away but be brought back to life with the hydration process and be almost as good as when you first finished cooking that dish. It may blow you away.